EHIC and Brexit

EHIC and Brexit...

Our medical advisor writes....We often get asked about the EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) Well as things stand, the EHIC will continue to be accepted until the UK finally leaves the EU. However, a few words of caution are worth noting, The EHIC was never intended to replace the sort of medical cover you get, even with a basic policy, when you arrange travel insurance. To put it bluntly, the EHIC covers you if you get knocked down by a bus and end up in hospital. The ambulance fees, emergency treatment, and your stay as an emergency in hospital should be covered. In some cases you might still have to pay, once you are conscious, but you should be reimbursed. Important to note that the EHIC will not cover repatriation costs, or even removal from an initial treatment facility to a specialist centre. That's why you need travel insurance. And if you plan to jump off cliffs, go skydiving, use scuba gear or anything other than getting to know a sun bed make sure you have the right cover.

Sadly, every year people end up sometimes with serious injuries and want to go home. The cost of an air ambulance from say Malaga to the UK typically comes out at around £15,000 for a straightforward injury, add on additional medical staff and you can be looking at £30,000 easily.

So travel insurance doesn't look so bad after all. With the added uncertainty surrounding Brexit right now don't leave things to chance.

All that said, here at BonaSOL we'd like to wish you a very happy (and safe) holiday this year!

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