Thinking about buying your own place in the sun?

We've all seen those TV programmes, and of course they make it seem so easy.  Well it can be, but there are many pitfalls and traps along the way. We believe in being upfront with people and providing honest advice. We don't sell properties so that puts us in a different position, we can tell you if a property is right for rental, or better as a second home. We can tell you where people want to stay, we can tell you how far people are willing to travel, and we have all the inside industry data too.

The days of making a fortune from renting a property in Spain are long gone, but you can cover your costs and make a modest amount. The private rental sector in Spain is now regulated, so that means there are laws and regulations that cover just about everything, and of course you will pay tax on earnings.


We have produced our own guide to renting in Spain and if you would like a copy just get in touch in the usual way and we will be happy to send you a copy. We have also teamed up with an approved Estate Agent, one of the best on the coast, who will guide you thorough the buying process and we guarantee will not give you the 'hard sell'. Don't risk your hard earned cash going anywhere else, we guarantee - and we mean that, that if you buy though our agent and take our advice you won't loose. We can't put it plainer than that.

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