Enjoy the summer - and look gorgeous too!


We are supporting Mijas's campaign this year for safer tanning.. just follow these sensible steps from our own medical adviser.


  • Take the sun slowly to start with - don't go mad!
  • At noon, stay in the shade (Mad dogs and Englishmen etc...)
  • Use a hat, wear proper sunglasses and beachwear.
  • Use a good sunscreen 30+ UVA and UV (perhaps ask someone to 'oil you all over') who knows that might add something special to your tan...
  • Renew sunscreen every couple of hours, and after you have been swimming.


Its no fun to discover an itchy lump that you think might be skin cancer, it probably won't be, but to be on the safe side follow this advice. The sun in this part of Spain is much stronger than you might think. Don't worry, you'll still look amazing and get a safe tan.

If you think you have overdone it and start to feel unwell, check our helpful medical advice section.