Late check-in fees

The private rental market in Spain in now highly regulated, most of these regulations are designed to protect you from scams. from dangerous properties, and generally to ensure that you receive what you are paying for.

One of the regulations says that you have to be met in person at the property, given the keys, and also have your ID checked against your holiday contract.

The properties we manage are all privately owned by owners who often live in different countries. There is no one living on-site, so our staff have to meet you. If you check in outside our normal check-in hours we have to charge a fee to cover this attendance.

Please also note that we will always try and meet your particular requirements; if you arrive early in the day and the property has already been serviced then we are more than happy to arrange an early check-in for you and there is no charge for this. However, because properties need to be serviced this is why we usually cannot start a check-in before 15.00hrs, much like a hotel. If you are leaving on a very late night flight we recommend that you book your property for the additional night, that way you can stay in the property and enjoy a day by the pool or on the beach without having to vacate by 11.00hrs as is normal.

Fee scale

We try to keep these fees as low as possible and operate a sliding scale. From 21.00hrs until 23.00hrs we charge €50, after that time we charge €75.  You can avoid these fees if you use our car hire partner.