What we do

Following changes in the law that affect private rentals in Spain we launched a fully compliant property management service for holiday and short term rentals. Its true to say that the regulations have made things more challenging, so we do all the hard work so that property owners can relax and enjoy the benefits from a well-run hassle-free rental property.

We also provide a comprehensive property management service for 'absent owners'. In these challenging times its good to know you have a professional team looking after your place in the sun.

To sum up, we offer you peace of mind.

Also, chek out our new comprehensive listing service;  TheLista.


Who we are

Founded by brother and sister, we are a small group of ethical individuals committed to really great customer service, we take our name from polari, where 'Bona' means fantastic, and 'sol' in many languages means sun. That's what we aim to be; fantastic in the sun!

Marcus Stephan, Partner
Marcus Stephan, Partner
Wendy Stephan,
Wendy Stephan, Partner

Take a tour...

Have a look at some of our lovely rental properties, remember you can book any of them using our instant booking system; availability shows in real time so if its free you can book it! Book direct with BonaSOL and never pay booking fees!