If you have booked with one of our booking partners it is really important that you complete our guest arrival form and that you allow us to contact you by email.

Please no dot rely on any information provided to you by our booking partners, as they only provide general information. They do not manage the properties - we do. Sometimes they provide the property address, please ignore this and instead read the joining instructions that we send you.

This may sound odd at first, but there is a good reason for this. Many of the properties we manage are inside gated communities; this means you cannot get inside which is why we arrange to meet you at an easy to find location. Addresses in Spain are notoriously difficult to find, even for locals! If you are driving and try to use SatNav we can guarantee you will probably get lost - this has nothing to do with your navigational skills but everything to do with the way addresses work in Spain. Towns, villages and 'developments' do not necessarily come under the town that you might first think of. Postcodes are really useless for navigation as they cover very wide areas.

We will email you a location with an easy-to-use map so that we can meet you and you can then follow us to the property. The law in this part of Spain requires us to physically meet you and check your ID documents which have to be scanned and sent to the national police database, just like a hotel. If you are delayed, our staff may not be able to wait which is why we must have all your contact details so that we can make alternative arrangements for you.

None of our properties have 24hr receptions, despite what our booking partners might suggest.  They are all privately owned and so our staff will meet you at an agreed time, so if you are going to be delayed please do call us so we can re-arrange to avoid any delays. In your joining instructions we give you a special telephone number to call just for check-ins.

If you hold a UK passport do remember that things have changed. Electronic visas are being introduced for entry into the EU from early 2023. You must carry an official holiday contract or accommodation confirmation with you as you might be asked to show it at immigration. We will send this to you in advance. Click here to read our advice for UK visitors so you can get your holiday off to a great start. Or click here for more information.(UK Government)