Why choose BonaSOL ? - We care about you.

If you are choosing a holiday home and you choose BonaSOL then you can be sure that your holiday home is properly licensed and that your holiday will meet all the regulations required under Spanish law. This means your holiday insurance remains valid, and you can enjoy your holiday knowing that, if you need it, help is just a phone call away 24hrs a day.

We provide all our guests with our comprehensive 24hr care and assistance service. We know you are on holiday and every day counts. If you loose your bag, wallet, or travel documents we can help guide you through the necessary procedures. If you are taken ill, or have an accident we are on hand to help. We can help with the arrangement of pre-flight Covid tests*, and if by chance you test positive before your planned departure we can make arrangements for additional accommodation and re-arrange flights, usually at no cost to you.

*Covid regulations have now changed, tests are no longer required. See our Covid section for up-to-date information.

If you are a property owner and you choose BonaSOL to manage your property and also look after any guests who may be staying, you can relax knowing that your guests are being looked after properly and that all the regulations are being met.

To put it simply you get great peace of mind when you choose BonaSOL.

Don't fall for the holiday scammers

Spanish police regularly get reports of on-line holiday scammers. Sadly this remains a fact of life - but follow there simple steps to protect yourself. Your holiday insurance might not be valid if you are staying in unregistered or uninsured property, so do check.


  • Never deal with anyone that insists on dealing with you using WhatsApp, make sure they use an official company email.
  • You should be able to check who you are dealing with by calling the office- look for details on their website.
  • Never make a booking only via social media such as Facebook. Always use an official website or booking platform to make sure you have protection.
  • Make sure any property you book has a tourism license.
  • When you check-in expect your passport or ID card to be scanned, if your details are not collected you are not being checked-in according to the regulations.
  • Never pay cash, use a card instead.
  • Don't expect to pick your keys up from a key box - that's not legal, you must be checked-in in person at the property.
  • You must be given a proper holiday contract. (You might need to show this at immigration/border control)
  • You must also have access to a 24hr emergency contact for the duration of your stay.

Take a tour...

Have a look at some of our lovely rental properties, remember you can book any of them using our instant booking system; availability shows in real time so if its free you can book it! Book direct with BonaSOL and never pay booking fees!