Answers to some common questions, if there is anything additional you would like to know just contact us in the usual way.

Our reservation and booking partner - your details

BonaSOL use one of the world's leading on-line booking and reservation systems to help manage all our properties. This system makes sure that availability is up to date across a number of different booking sites worldwide, it also send booking confirmations, as well as check-in instructions and other useful information. BonaSOL take every care to protect your personal information and we do not pass it on or share it unless required to do so by law. An example would be the guest registration details which are required to be logged with the national police service in Spain. All hotels, and private rented accommodations are required to do this.

We will send you details of special offers, as a previous guest, which you can unsubscribe from at any time.

BonaSOL complies with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679

BonaSOL - who we are

BonaSOL is the rental management company that looks after the property that you have booked, all the properties that we manage are privately owned. They are not part of any hotel or resort complex, this is why we need to know your arrival time so that we can arrange to meet you

What time can I check-in to the property?

Usual check in is from 15.00hrs until 21.00hrs. If you think you will arrive after this time, or you are delayed,  it is important to contact us in advance. Spanish regulations require us to meet you at the property and so a delay may occur if we do not have advance notice. Late check-ins (anti-social hours) may be subject to an additional charge.

It is important to understand that in Spain private rental properties are regulated by similar rules that regulate hotels. When you check into a hotel in Spain your passport or ID card is scanned and the details of you and your stay have to be sent to the police, it is the law. We have to do this also. So if you have arranged for some of your party to arrive a day later for example then we would have to re-visit the property to scan and check their details. We are happy to do this but we will have to charge you. Unlike a hotel there is no 24hr reception desk in the front hall.

What about check-out times?

You must check-out by 11.00hrs, sometimes we can arrange for you to stay longer if you have a late flight for example, but this will depend on availability. If you would like a late check-out please ask us as soon as possible and we will do our best to help - but remember we cannot guarantee this. If you are travelling with young children you might prefer to book an extra night, that way you have the property as long as you need it.

How do I check-out?

When you arrive at the property we will explain the check-out arrangements. We operate a self check-out system and this varies between properties:

  • In some we ask you to lock the property and place one set of keys into a key box leaving the other set inside the property.
  • In others we just ask that you close the self-locking door behind you leaving both sets of keys inside.
  • In others you will be provided with a special key envelope and asked to leave this with the security guards when you leave.

Do we provide linen?

Yes, we provide all bed linen and towels for your stay. If you are staying for longer than 7 nights there will be a change of linen provided for you to use. All our properties are offered on a self-catering basis, this means there is no maid or cleaning service. (This is an important tax distinction) Many of our properties have washing machines that you are free to use during your stay.

Do we hire baby equipment?

Yes we do. If you would like to arrange for the hire of a cot or high-chair please get in touch with us when you book. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide car seats, however our car hire partner has an approved range available.

Can I drink tap water?

Generally yes you can, however we recommend that you buy bottled water, especially if you are here for a short stay. Sometimes, for some people,  it takes a while to get used to the water.

Keys and parking

You will be given at least one set of keys depending on the property. Some of our properties have secure parking, for others parking is possible on nearby roads. It is worth noting that if our properties have a dedicated parking space it will only be for one vehicle.

Take care with patio doors - these cannot normally be opened from the outside and if you close them and lock yourselves out there may be a charge to release you.

Accidents do happen and sometimes people do get locked out. We will always try to help, however during unsocial hours they may be a charge of up to €100 depending on the time of day. If you manage to lock yourself out with the keys still in the lock inside this will sometimes require a locksmith, in this case we will have to charge this to you.

If I take keys away by mistake?

Sometimes people take keys away by mistake. Unfortunately, keys are expensive to replace and we often need any keys you may have taken for the next guests. So we will charge you a flat fee of €75 for each set of keys you take. Try to make sure you don't set off with our keys in your pocket.....

Electricity in Spain

Electricity in Spain is fairly reliable, however each apartment will have a set rating. If you exceed the rating the power might go off. (For example of you have the oven on at the same time as the washing machine in some apartments) If this happens switch some appliances off, then re-set the system by turning the main switch off then back on again. This usually fixes the problem.

Air-conditioning and climate control

All our properties have climate control systems. Please use these carefully- don't allow patio doors to be open while the system is in use. Some have a central control panel that should only be used to turn the system on and off - there are individual room controls to set. Other systems have independent units in each room. It is possible sometimes that condensation may drip from units for short time in hot weather, this is normal.

Mosquitoes and ants

This part of Spain is sub-tropical and mosquitoes and other biting insects can be a nuisance. We suggest repellent creams that are available from supermarkets and pharmacies.

Ants can be a particular problem at some times of the year. There is little we can do about this. However take care when leaving food out as this will attract ants in moments!

Hot weather - fire precautions

During very hot weather this part of Spain may be prone to wildfires. Take sensible precautions if you are out, avoid the hottest part of the day and use an adequate sunscreen. See our medical advice if in doubt.

Make sure you never discard litter apart from in an authorised place. Careless litter such as bottles or cigarettes can cause a wildfire with severe consequences.

If you see a fire call the emergency services using the national 112 number.

Cold water runs hot

Building regulations in Spain may differ to those you are used to. For example it is sometimes usual for the cold water supply tank to be located on top of a building. In extreme heat conditions it is possible that the sun will heat the water and make it very hot. Normally this is not a problem as the water will quickly be used and replaced by cold. However, if you are staying in a building with low occupancy it is possible that the tank is not being drained quickly enough and so fresh cold water quickly becomes heated. Sadly there is no solution to this problem other than to leave the cold taps running for several hours - or even overnight. We recognise this is far from ideal, however the cold water supply can sometimes become very hot and this is the only solution. (Tanks should be protected from solar heating but we have no control over building regulations.)

Parties and events

Parties and events are not permitted. In Spain the local police have powers to investigate any complaints of noise and generally any noise after 22.00hrs in a residential setting could result in a visit from the police. If you want to arrange an event prior to booking with us please get in touch and we will do our best to help.


ALL our properties are no smoking. If there is evidence of smoking, or if soft furnishings smell of smoke and require a deep clean you will be charged an additional cleaning fee. Please respect this.


We love animals, but pets are not allowed in any of our properties. There are several reasons for this, but allergy control in an important one. We hope you understand.

Before you leave...

Check out is by 11am, unless you have arranged something with us. Our booking system will usually send you a text message the day before to remind you, because we know you'd love to stay!

As a courtesy, please make sure that you have disposed of any food or other items that might be in the kitchen. Also make sure that you have switched off the air-conditioning and generally left the property in more-or-less the same condition that you found it.

Our housekeepers will clean and prepare the property for the next guests, but if you have soiled or damaged furnishings, or lost or broken fixtures or fittings this will be charged to you. We know accidents happen, in this case please contact us at the time so that we can note any incident.

Fees and charges

Charges shown for our holiday properties are nightly and do  not attract VAT (IVA) so long as they are self-catering properties, all utility costs are included.  Our longer term lets are usually priced by the month and exclude utility costs. Where fees may be payable these will attract IVA at the standard prevailing rate.

Cancellation policies and payment terms

Our cancellation policies are designed to be fair and clear. You may need to check with the platform you booked through (for example Airbnb or  if you have not booked directly with us, as their cancellation policy will apply and not ours. There is nothing we can do about that.

Why do we make a charge if you cancel? Unlike hotel rooms all our apartments and properties are individual. When you make a reservation the property is blocked out and reserved for you, no one else can book it. If you cancel close to your arrival date it is unlikely that we will be able to re-sell the property to another guest, unlike a hotel room.

For holiday lets: (8 weeks or less in duration)

  • BonaSOL normally require 100% payment at the time of booking, unless advised.
  • Any balance will be collected 60 days before check-in.
  • Cancellation by YOU more than 42 days before the date of arrival entitles you to a refund of 95%
  • Cancellation by YOU less than 42 days before arrival does not entitle you to any refund.

For medium term lets: (more than 8 weeks in duration)

  • The agency/reservation fee is payable at the time of booking. This fee is non-refundable and secures your booking.
  • A deposit of one month’s rent is payable also at the time of booking, thereafter the monthly rent is payable monthly in advance.
  • Cancellation three months before the date of the booking will result in the return of the one month deposit less a 5% administration fee.
  • Cancellation less than three months before the date of booking will result in no refund.

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