We are going green...

You can find out here what we are doing towards becoming more green and planet friendly.






It's a fact that the travel business used to run on lots of paper. We have moved to being over 90% paper-free, and we run 95% of our business on-line. If we can, we will send your phone or tablet anything important you need to see.

All the properties that we manage are making big efforts to become greener. For example, we use energy efficient light bulbs whenever possible. We fit timers or motion sensors to prevent air-conditioning systems running needlessly, and we are starting to introduce water saving measures.

Our websites; this one, and our sister site TheLista are hosted by GreenGeeks. For every amp of power used to host our sites they match this with three times in the form of renewable energy via the Bonneville Environmental Foundation. You can move your own website to GreenGeeks, you'll save money as well as help the planet. Just by clicking HERE.