We offer a fully comprehensive rental design and makeover service

We can fit out a new build 'shell' or make over an existing property. We work to a brief, a budget, or both. We project manage from start to finish, so if we are tackling a new build that will very probably include everything from curtain rails and tracks, wall and ceiling lights, and all those essential bathroom fittings, right down to the very last teaspoon and more besides. If you want to furnish your own home of course we are very happy to help, just contact us in the usual way.

Of course we can just do one room, or your whole property. Where we can we will utilise existing materials if we are doing a makeover. We have developed an extensive interior design service specialising in the rental market, where we are used to working to a budget but still able to achieve a high end look.

We make sure everything is delivered, installed, and set up according to the agreed plan and design. We have our own network of specially chosen suppliers, so you get peace of mind and great value for money.


We have years of experience in the rental market, we know what works best in a rental property. We can still achieve a high end look without spending a fortune on that lovely Italian leather sofa which unfortunately your rental guests won't appreceiate. Its a sad fact but your guests won't treat your lovely things as if they were their own.

From knives and forks, to cups and saucers and every sheet, towel, and face flannel, we know exactly what you need to kit out your property to meet today's rising expectations. And of course we will make sure your property is fully compliant when it comes to spare linen sets, fire extinguisher and so on.

We know, from experience, what can stand up to the wear and tear that rental properties have to put up with.


What is involved?

This varies between projects but usually include some or all of the following:

  • Initial visit and assessment, we look at your space and consider aspects like the light and orientation.
  • We will suggest a theme or approach and agree this with you - this forms our design brief.
  • Budget and timescales. It is important to understand that aside from the physical items, these have to be sourced, they have to be delivered to site and installed and all this requires supervision. Timescales of course can be subject to external factors such as delivery lead times etc. We have industry experience, but even so these can change.
  • We manage everything on-site, deliveries, installations, alterations and commissioning.
  • Our own team of contractors are available for installing items such as curtain tracks, light fittings, and wall art.
  • We also provide an outdoor furnishing offer which includes hot tubs and spa units.
  • Rooms all dressed and made up ready for photography.
  • Full inventory, appliance instructions and other data all go into the 'house pack'
  • Advice on internet and television packages available.

We don't walk away once a project is completed, if we are managing the property for you then of course we take responsibility for any on-going warranties and manage any faults or repairs and replacements in your absence. We mean it when we say you get peace of mind when you entrust your property to us.


Get in touch for a personalised quote

Our prices are based on the size of the property as well as the look that you want to go for. Location can have an impact too which is why we prefer to give you a personalised quote.