The legal framework in Spain means that the vast majority of restrictions designed to limit the spread of COVID-19 are laws. (A Royal Decree in Spain is law) This means they are enforced by the police, and any infringement could lead to fines and or arrest. You are advised to comply with local regulations at all times.

New entry requirements

The Spanish Government requires all travellers to Span to complete an on-line health control form within 48hrs prior to travel. You will be issued with a non-transferable QR code which you will have to present at your port of arrival.

You can complete the form here.

From November 23, 2020 travellers to Spain must undertake a PCR, TMA or LAMP test 72 hours prior to travel. You will need the test result written in English and or Spanish in original paper form or electronically.


Movement within Spain

This update relates to restrictions in force in Andalucía, other regions of Spain may have slightly different rules.

Movement within Spain is currently permitted.

Face Masks

Face masks have to be worn at all times when using public transport, when inside any public space, or where social distancing in a crowded space is not possible.


Gatherings are currently permitted.

Restaurants and bars

Restaurants and bars are currently permitted to open.


Restrictions in Spain are continually changing, the local governments have the power to make changes and these may differ from other autonomous regions.


Spanish regional authorities may also impose the following additional restrictive measures:

  • an overnight curfew (specific curfew times vary between regions)
  • social gatherings may be limited (e.g. to a maximum of 6 people outdoors and a maximum of 4 people inside restaurants and bars)
  • people from different households may not be permitted to meet indoors in private homes (unless they have caring responsibilities for a dependent)
  • capacity restrictions at beaches or other public areas such as the delineation of plots and the use of booking systems. You should refer to local authorities for information on the measures in place
  • if visitors test positive or develop symptoms during their stay in Spain, they may be moved to specific designated accommodation to prevent further spread


New regulations if you hold a British Passport

The UK has left the EU. After January 1st 2021 new regulations will apply, make sure you are aware how these might apply to you. In particular you are only entitled to spend a maximum of 90 days in Europe within any 180 day period. If you hold a valid Spanish residency card this restriction does not apply for a visit to Spain.

Your passport must have at least six months validity. If you intend to drive you might need to apply for an international driving permit as your UK license might not be recognised. (UPDATE your UK license will be accepted for the time being) You will have to arrange private health insurance as the your EU insurance card (E111) will only over you until its expiry date, after that time you must apply for the new European Card available from the UK Government.

It is possible that you might have to prove you have funds to support your stay in Spain and also show a valid return ticket to your place of origin. For full details please consult the FCO website before you travel.

You can see the latest requirements for Spain here:


We strongly encourage all travellers to ensure they have adequate insurance.

Correct at 26/07/2021