Smart Currency Exchange

Before you even speak to an estate agent or start looking for properties, it’s a good idea to work out your budget. You’ll then have a realistic idea of what kind of property you can purchase and the money you’ll need to keep aside.

Part of working out your budget it considering how much it will be worth in your purchase currency. For example, if you have £300,000 to spend, how much will this be worth in euros?

To get advice on how to manage changing exchange rates, open an account with Smart Currency Exchange. There’s no obligation to trade or to put money into your account straight away. However, once you’re further along with your property buying journey, you’ll have the account set-up and waiting for you.


We always recommend a professional survey before you purchase a property in Spain.


We recommend Smart Currency Exchange, and especially since the UK has left the EU many institutions will make a charge to receive funds from a UK bank. You can not only avoid these fees and charges but you get the very best rate.

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