State of Emergency - what this means in practice

Real Decreto 463/2020 restricts the movement of all citizens (and visitors) and only authorises the opening of food stores, pharmacies, petrol stations, and a few other outlets.

The purpose of the closures it to prevent people congregating with the possible risk that the virus may be spread.

We clarify some common questions below regarding what all this means in practice. Remember if you are a guest staying in a BonaSOL property you can call our emergency helpline at any time on 951 453 450.

As you are aware trips are permitted in exceptional circumstances, so how will the police know where you are going?

  • The police, and security services can ask you for any documents they feel necessary, so keep receipts, or have printed evidence of clinic appointments etc.


If I say I'm going to the dry cleaners or the supermarket, how will they check?

 To say you're going to the cleaners is not enough. "You have to prove it," say the security forces. Each case will be checked and considered individually. If you're going to the hairdresser's, you must have an appointment and you could be forced to prove it. If you're going to the cleaners, you must either be carrying a bag of clothes or the ticket to show you're picking some up. Visits to the supermarket will be controlled similarly.

If I go to the supermarket, do I have to go by myself? Should I walk or go by car?

Although the decree does not specify exactly, the security forces recommend people to go alone. You can go on foot or by car.

Will measures be taken to avoid crowds building up in supermarkets?

If necessary the security forces can establish order outside and inside supermarkets, but they don't think initially that it will be necessary. While there has been tension in some stores on the Costa del Sol, for example on Saturday morning in Mijas, the problems were solved with police presence.

Can I go to my friends' house to fetch items such as masks or gloves?

Yes, but you would need to prove it. The decree allows you to go to pharmacies to buy health products, and so if you need to fetch these from somewhere else, it would be included in the exceptions.

Can I go out for a run or to do other sport?

The answer is a clear no. The order, which allows no exceptions, and covers all types of leisure and sports activities, is to stay at home.

Can I go out for a walk or go into the countryside to follow my doctor's recommendations?

No. You can't even exercise on the stairs or in the communal areas of your block of flats, as the virus can be transmitted by touching things and this could put your neighbours at risk. The restriction on movement in this sense is very strict. The security forces point out that the people have been recommended to walk by doctors, are likely to be high-risk anyway, and the decree orders isolation precisely to protect them. They can walk around their house.

Can I take my dog out?

Yes, but not as an excuse to go for a walk. Only for the essential time. And never with someone else.

Can I go and fetch my son from the airport? Can two people go?

Yes, picking up a relative from the airport is justified, although recommendations are to avoid this and for the passenger to get a taxi. If you have to go you must go alone.