Its a surprising fact but most people don't think they need travel insurance.

  • They never suffer lost or delayed luggage
  • They never become ill whilst away
  • They never have an accident
  • They never have to cut short their break because of a family illness


It is probably the last thing on your mind, but actually most people will need the benefits of travel insurance. If you are a UK tourist remember you can't count on your EHIC for much longer. (You should apply for the new GHIC card)


BonaSOL have teamed up with BMI Insurance Brokers to offer guests a first class travel insurance package with world class provider - ARAG . Typically rates are just €40 per person for a stay up to 16 days, that's a small price to pay for great peace of mind. To take advantage of this great deal just complete a few details below to get your personalised quotation.